About Us


The Luvin Oven was started in June 2014 by Pastry Chef Marques Raven also known as “BaBa CupCake.” The Luvin Oven is a Vegan Bakery in the Greater 3rdWard district. We provide the best quality of vegan pastries and non-vegan pastries. We also partner with our sister company The Woman’s Earth to meet your catering and custom cake needs. The Luvin Oven adds a new vegan style of Baking to your plate. I Got What You Need.

Chef Marques Raven is a classically trained Pastry Chef and started The Luvin Oven off an idea that vegan can taste as good or even better than what you’re eating now. BaBa, as people like to call him, takes the skills he acquired through his past culinary jobs and his time studying at the Art Institute where he graduated with Honors regards his baking to his way to create art. His passion for baking helps him bring out the most wonderful and delicious creations for his customers.